Industry Solutions

Anti-Rust Coating – for Wet and Moist Environments

Use of Galvannealed (A40) coating on cold rolled steel can make a major difference in the life of doors and frames that are exposed to moisture.
Moisture can enter a door or frame in several ways:

  • From the top, for example when rain water runs down the side of the building;
  • From the bottom, if there is flooding in that area;
  • Through the hinge and lock preps, with water sprayed from a sprinkler.

Many specifications only call for cold rolled steel doors with factory-applied primer; however this type of coating only protects the outside surface of the door. The raw cold rolled material on the inside of the hollow metal door remains unprotected; the result is often premature failure of exterior doors.

Specifying a door with a Galvannealed (A40) (hot dipped galvanized material that has been annealed) coating prevents rust and other premature aging, because galvannealing is much more durable than primer, and also because galvanneal coating is applied on both sides of the door skin.

Galvannealed (A40) coating is applied at the steel mill that produces the steel sheets; DCI ONLY purchases steel with Galvannealed (A40) coating, so every door and frame that we manufacture is protected from rust. This is our standard product – no extra charge; in fact you don’t even have to ask for it. 

You can avoid premature aging by specifying Galvannealed (A40) coating on every door and frame.  And you can rest easy knowing that DCI delivers this quality coating with every door and frame, at no additional charge. 

Schools, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings — Water Shed Design

Water penetration is a big problem in commercial buildings. Sprinkler heads break and spray large amounts of water onto windows; heavy rainstorms drive water onto the frames, where it collects and runs into the frame and then into the structure.

DCI has designed a new frame profile that sheds water, reducing the risk of water intrusion. This patent-pending design should be standard for every window. DCI manufactures the water shed profile on the same quick schedules as all other custom frames.

Clean Rooms — Containment Shed Design

DCI has solved one of the major contaminant collection points in clean rooms – the window frame.

This patent-pending design sheds dust through its unique profile, which slopes away from the window and sheds contaminants that usually collect on the frame.