What is the final step when installing hollow metal frames?

The final step in installing any frame is to double check for plumb and square before installing the door. Refer to SDI-122 for details.

Architects using hollow metal door and window frames on exterior openings sometimes incorrectly assume that frames are watertight. In fact, most seams in hollow metal frame construction are not welded nor sealed, unless by the painter. Many specifiers now write their specifications to include some of the following:

  • Full continuous TIG welds on all hollow metal frame joints, including both horizontal and vertical mullions. (Note: Not every shop is capable of TIG welds.)
  • Mullion construction with both joints of the two-piece mullion turned to the interior.
  • Continuous nailing flashing flanges on all framed construction with plaster to allow integral watertight flashing of the building paper to the nailing flange.