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DCIreases Its STC Door Ratings
STC 54 for a Single Door and STC 48 for Pairs

July 1, 2011 FONTANA, Ca. ― DCI announces new Sound Transmission Class (STC)
ratings up to STC 54 for a single hollow metal door, and ratings up to STC 48 for pairs of doors. Combined, these are the highest STC ratings in the industry.

As STC testing technology has advanced, STC rating methods have become more accurate. A door tested fifteen years ago, for example, is unlikely to attain the same STC rating were it retested today.

While DCI has been manufacturing STC doors for over a decade, the new top ratings were received within the past few months. Bob Briggs, President of DCI, said, “We know that the STC testing technology is consistently advancing. At Door Component we want to stay current in order to manufacture the best and the most accurately-rated STC doors in the industry.”

“The hollow metal industry is competitive and we know we need to stay on top of our game to be the best”, Briggs said. “With our new STC rating we are showing our dedication to manufacturing quality products.”

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