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DCI Launches First YouTube Video
Educational Film on Fire‐Rated Doors  

November 8, 2010 FONTANA, Calif.― DCI has begun a series of short videos on hollow metal doors and frames in order to educate and inform dealers, architects, and spec writers using the popular social media YouTube®.

The first video, “Fire-Rated Doors”, features DCI President Bob Briggs. He explains about the making of the doors, and then narrates during dramatic footage of a door being tested at an offsite test location.

Mr. Briggs said, “We are glad to open our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant to people worldwide who want to learn more about the making of hollow metal doors and frames. We enjoyed the YouTube process and are looking forward to getting feedback from our dealers, architects, and spec writers. We think these videos can be useful in training the next generation of professionals in the construction industry. “

The company plans to post its next video on YouTube in December 2010. It will illustrate the end-to-end manufacturing process for a hollow metal door.

The fire-rated door video, which is 3 minutes in length, can be viewed here or on the door components website in the Video library.

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