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New Hollow Metal Frame Profile Solves Water Penetration Problem
Patent-Pending Design by DCI

April 20, 2010 FONTANA, Calif. ― DCI has solved the problem of water penetration into buildings through window frames with a unique profile that sheds water instead of collecting water by incorporating a downward slope into the frame profile. This patent-pending design is expected to become the standard in the hollow metal frame industry.

Company president Bob Briggs said, “I have approached many architects about this design; they think it is a good practice for any building.”

Steve Stearns, senior project manager at WLC Architects, supervised the design and construction of oor Components’ new manufacturing facility, which used this new water shed frame throughout the building. He said, “The design works perfectly. Water penetration is a big problem in commercial buildings when sprinkler heads break and spray large amounts of water onto windows. The profile of this hollow metal frame keeps a building waterproof by eliminating water intrusion. I am going to start implementing this design for all my buildings.”

The design is also well suited for use in clean rooms, where the collection of dust on frames has been a long source of contamination. The water shed design is now in full production at DCI and is available under the quick ship program, as are all custom products manufactured by the company.

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