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World Record Set for Durability of Steel Door
Two Years of Continuous Testing; 10 Million Door Slams

September 15, 2009 FONTANA, Calif. ― DCI has set a world record for durability of its 18 gauge honeycomb door, a standard door that is widely used where low-cost and high-quality doors are required, by withstanding two years of continuous testing and 10 million door slams.

The hollow metal honeycomb door was put through two years of continuous testing by Intertek Testing Services (Warnock Hersey) to the ANSI A250.4-2001 standard for physical endurance of steel doors and frames. The ANSI standard calls for 500,000 cycles (Level B) for an 18 gauge door; the test door was still intact at 10,000,000 cycles when the test was finally halted.

Company President Bob Briggs Jr. said, “The door was just pulled from our production line, a typical door, and we sent it off for testing. We halted the test after two years and after exceeding the ANSI standard by a factor of 20; it didn’t look like the door would ever wear out. We kept sending the test lab replacement hinges, closers and panics while the original door went on and on through twist tests and swing tests.”

“Based on the test results, this door would last at least 500 years in a typical school environment.” DCI manufacturers all of its doors in its own state-of-the-art facility in Fontana, Calif.

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