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DCI announces Integral Louvers
Airflow and Convenience in One Purchase Order

July 14, 2009 FONTANA, Ca. ― DCI has announced an integral louver option for three of its door offerings. This capability provides quicker delivery of completed louvered doors and provides one-stop shopping for the product.

Chuck Kiley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said,”Door louvers are very popular because of the airflow that they offer. However, when the louver is installed at the jobsite it can take as long as three weeks to complete the process. Also, there is the risk that the cutout made by the door manufacturer does not match the louver that is separately ordered.”

“By integrating the entire louver process into the manufacture of the door,” Kiley continued, “we can guarantee a perfect fit. Now you order your door and your louver and you can forget about it. We take care of everything.”

Integral louvers are available immediately for the following door offerings: honeycomb, polystyrene core, and steel stiffened. Insect screens may be ordered as an option on all louvered doors.

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