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Polystyrene Core Door now available with Fire Rating
DCI Extends Product’s Capabilities

July 13, 2009 FONTANA, Ca. ― The polystyrene core door manufactured by Door Components Inc. has been awarded a three hour fire rating by the Warnock Hersey testing agency.

Chuck Kiley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, “The polystyrene-core door is the product of choice for many architects. Our distributor network has been asking us to add the fire rating capability. With this announcement we want to emphasize that when our distribution network talks to us, we listen. We have our ears to the ground for the next customer request.”

Other options available for the polystyrene door include integral louvers, integral lites, and a variety of material and hardware reinforcement options.

Other door offerings of the company with a three hour fire rating are honeycomb, steel-stiffened, temperature rise, and stainless steel doors.

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