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DCI Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary
60-Employee Company Enjoys Steady Growth

May 6, 2006 RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Ca. ― Listening to customers has led to 25 years of business success for DCI DCI has carved out a profitable business manufacturing custom hollow metal doors and frames for buildings throughout the United States.

Bob Briggs Jr., the General Manager, recounts how listening to customers resulted in the company being founded, and to the success the company has enjoyed in recent years. His father, Bob Briggs Sr., was a national sales manager in the 1960’s and 1970’s for a manufacturer of doors and other industrial products. Bob’s clients often requested special configurations and no-standard items, and were frustrated by the long lead times and the expense for these custom orders.

To meet those customer requests Bob Briggs Sr. founded DCI in Southern California in 1981. The company grew slowly but steadily; a breakthrough in 1993 triggered a new phase of rapid growth that the company has since enjoyed.

Bob Briggs Jr. relates, “Our customers had shifted their business model, employing fewer people and holding less inventory. They told us that as a vendor they needed us to ship custom hollow metal doors and frames within a few days, instead of delivering weeks after an order was placed. We reorganized our operations to meet that need, and our business really took off.”

Today the family-owned company employs 60 workers, many of whom have been with DCI for a decade or longer. The company implemented an Employee Stock Option Program (ESOP) program in 2003, creating a retirement program for every employee.

Bob Briggs Jr. says, “Our employee team is the best in the business. Every product we sell is made in California of American steel. We’re providing jobs to our employees and quality products to our customers, and are looking forward to the next 25 years.”

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