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November 13, 2013

New Equipment for Improved Tolerances and Accuracy

During 2013 DCI has implemented a broad set of changes - software, personnel organization and training, processes, and equipment. These are resulting in higher quality and more reliable scheduling.

The first newsletter described the new, state-of-the art software for order entry. Today's communication is about two new pieces of equipment we have added to our production line:


Our new, custom door press assures swifter and tighter tolerances for every single door we produce. It allows us to build flatter doors with more accuracy in a shorter amount of time.
We have integrated wood door assembly process into hollow metal doors to bring higher quality and faster service.
As a member of the Steel Door Institute, DCI is already committed to meeting SDI standards for door tolerances. With this new custom press we are now building doors with tolerances two times as tight as those specified in the SDI standard. 


Our new edge welder welds in half the time it takes for standard welding units. It’s more accurate and fine-tunes the level aspect of a door to a tolerance far better than the SDI standard.

Industry-wide, customers are asking for more accuracy. At DCI, we listened. Call us today to order your custom door solution.

New custom software
New equipment
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