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What Do You Need? When Do You Need it?

This isn't a slogan, it's the foundation DCI Inc. was built on and the spirit of service that continues to frame our future. We're energized by the challenge of creating doors that no one else is able to manufacture.

If an architect imagines a design with his signature statement for the look of the building, our goal is to help that architect achieve his vision and not impose a limitation on his creativity. At the same time, contractors need delivery within their schedule, and so the other part of our operation is delivering custom products quickly.

Take a look at our Gallery for the custom cross, thirty feet high, at Mission Hills Community Church. It's really a frame, but customized to the architect's vision, and so large that a person can stand inside of it. We have made curved doors mounted in a rounded wall, four-inch-thick doors for an aircraft hanger. You name it; we'll build it. Custom finishes for stainless steel and specialty paints are also a part of our custom offerings.

We can do this because the entire DCI operation is under one roof. Our new facility, completed in 2008, facilitates customization and quick shipping by the layout of the equipment, the equipment upgrades, and new technology.

From the time we receive your order, we're working quickly and expertly as your custom orders travels from Engineering to the Manufacturing Floor to Quality Assurance. All stages of the operation are synchronized and on fast track.

If you can imagine it, we can build it.


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