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Steel Door Manufacturers - DCI

What Do You Need? When Do You Need it?

This isn’t a slogan, it’s the foundation DCI was founded on and the spirit of service that continues to frame our future.

Quick Quote and Quick Ship

Door Components, a steel door manufacturer, exists to fill the needs of our clients, pure and simple.  Our Quick Quote system will provide a quote within minutes, and our philosophy for Quick Ship is simply to provide you with the product you need when you need it.  Period.

Filling a market need for custom doors and frames

Bob Briggs Sr. was a National Sales Manager with Anemostat from the late 1960s through the 1970s. During his travels across the country he noticed a need in the hollow metal industry for special configurations and non-standard items. There were few custom manufacturers who could fill this void, but Bob Sr. saw the necessity, and in 1981 he founded DCI

DCI began in a rented space in a warehouse in Pico Rivera, Calif., manufacturing hinge reinforcements, stick sections, and channels. The industry began to take notice, and our customers started asking for additional supplies and custom hollow metal doors and frames. In 1986 we responded by moving into our own 11,000–square-foot facility in Irwindale, Calif., allowing us to expand our manufacturing capabilities. With the addition of some new equipment, DCI upgraded from making sticks to making jambs prepped with hardware, welding the jambs, and making complete door frames.

Over the next 10 years we built a reputation as the service company that manufactures hollow metal doors and frames, and business was booming. In 1997 we moved again into a 45,000-square-foot facility in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., and in 2000 we opened another 45,000-square-foot facility to accommodate the increased need for manufactured doors.

To further meet our customers’ ever-increasing demand for custom, oversized and odd-sized doors, and to provide the necessary flexibility in production and shipping schedules, we were on the move again—only this time we were going to start from the ground up. Bob Briggs Jr. had a vision for a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility designed around DCI’ manufacturing process.

Located in Fontana, Calif., every inch of our new 94,000-square-foot facility was designed by Bob Briggs Jr. to accommodate our manufacturing principles. Raw materials enter one side of the building, flow from station to station through the manufacturing process, and exit the other end as high-quality finished products. Configuring our shipping dock with 11 bays gives us the space to help carriers load trucks, minimize damage, and ensure smooth on-time delivery, as well as adding ease of access for our will-call customers.

One Team, One Dream, One Roof!

Our new headquarters reunites the door and the frame departments.

“Bringing our entire operation under one roof is critical to our goal of providing products customized to our clients’ needs, and to our mission of providing a place where people want to come to work every day,” said Bob Jr.

We added 13,000 square feet of office space to our building, creating a more cohesive environment for our workers. Our office work groups are side-by-side with production, following the order process to increase productivity, teamwork, and communication. The office perimeter is outfitted with six large LCD screens displaying real-time production, so our team can plan capacity and ensure that we meet our production promises.

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Steel Door Manufacturers


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