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September 10, 2015

Are Your Customers' Windows and Doors Ready for Winter Storms?

New Watershed Windows Could Help Protect Their Buildings

Winter storms are just a few month away. Whether raging El Nino storms, or something milder, windows and doors need to stand up to the elements.

A weather check for your customers

Your customers are probably not thinking about doing a walk-about audit of their doors and windows. But they are likely to appreciate your offer to check their doors and windows to make sure they are weather resistant.

Is every door going to be serviceable during a projected fierce weather system, or should some doors be replaced now, before the storms?

And what about windows? Windows are often where water incursion occurs.

A general maintenance visit is a great way to touch base with your clients, and also to see if door and window improvements can help prevent future weather-related problems.

DCI-designed water shed windows

Water penetration can be a big problem in commercial buildings. In addition to potential problems from the weather, there is a risk when sprinkler heads break and spray large amounts of water onto windows.

DCI has designed a water shed window. It has a special slanted mullion so that water flows away from the frame. The profile of this hollow metal frame keeps a building waterproof by eliminating water intrusion. This patent-pending design is expected to become the standard in the hollow metal frame industry.

Maintenance and replacement of doors and windows is often overlooked.  Now’s the time for a weather audit.

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