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August 4, 2015

For the Best Metal Doors and Frames
Specify SDI Standards and SDI Manufacturers

SDI standards are specified for the majority of commercial projects planned by AIA architects and by CSI specifiers, according to thousands of design professionals surveyed by the Steel Door Institute (SDI).

The reason why the best construction professionals stipulate that their doors and frames are made by SDI members is simple -- they are the only manufacturers that have been audited to prove that their products meet SDI’s rigorous standards.

WARNING – How can you be sure?

Any manufacture can CLAIM that their products meet SDI standards. Unless the manufacturer’s production process and materials have been audited by SDI, the specifier can’t know if the standards are actually being met. This is why you should consider specifying BOTH ANSI/SDI standards and a SDI manufacturer.

SDI audit of DCI

DCI applied back in 2009 for a SDI manufacturing examination. The audit itself took months, with hollow metal door and frame engineers examining the DCI’ materials and manufacturing process in great detail.

Only when the audit was completed and then approved by SDI’s Technical Committee was DCI able to become a member and proudly use the SDI logo.

DCI Affiliates with Professional Associations

DCI has earned its reputation for quality and integrity over the past 30 years. As listed on the Associations page of our website, we affiliate with the leading industry organizations.

STC, fire, and other ratings for our doors are conducted by certified testing agencies, primarily Intertek and Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

In addition to our SDI membership, DCI is also a member of the Construction Specification Institute (CSI), Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), and The National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAAMM), and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).

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Follow the lead of thousands of architects and specify the winning combination of SDI standards and DCI—a proud SDI manufacturer.

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