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July 14, 2015

Videos, AIA Classes, Reports, FAQ
Five Popular Offerings from the Steel Door Institute

There's a lot to know about steel doors and frames – standards, certifications, installation instructions, product selection are all each huge categories, and that's just the beginning.

DCI provides extensive technical information on its website. Through our membership in the Steel Door Institute (SDI) we are able to provide even more information, all free and with no login required.

Here are some favorite SDI deliverables (did we mention that everything is FREE?). Everything is just one click away on the DCI website.

  1.   VIDEO and MANUAL - Installation Instructions.
    These two videos are among the most viewed YouTube videos for the category "steel doors".
    • "How to install a steel or hollow metal door frame in steel stud construction" (9:17 minutes) has more than 90,000 views on YouTube. Includes instruction manual.
    • "How to install a steel or hollow metal door frame in masonry construction" (8:52 minutes) has more than 20,000 views on YouTube. Includes instruction manual.
  2.   AIA and GBCI ONLINE - Education

    SDI has developed three free classes which provide AIA and GBCI annual credit. All classes are available 24 x 7 at no charge. Each class takes about one hour.

    • Steel Doors and Frames 101 – One AIA Health, Safety and Welfare Design (HSW) hour. This online class covers the basics of fire-rated openings, performance levels of doors, how to avoid over- or under-specifying doors, and information about hinge and strike locations.
    • GBCI Steel: Green Now, Green Forever One AIA Health, Safety and Welfare Design (HSW) hour and/or one Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) hour. This online class covers basic steel production, recycled steel and its benefits, construction products made from recycled steel, and information about LEED credits and the International Green Construction Code (IGCC).
    • Specifying Specialty Steel Doors: A Primer on Acoustic, Tornado, Stainless Steel and More. One AIA Health, Safety and Welfare Design (HSW) hour. This online class covers the primary types of specialty steel doors with regard to their characteristics and performance, criteria to determine which specialty steel doors are best for various applications.

  3.   TECHNICAL REPORT - Why Steel?
    A Performance Study of Steel Doors and Frames Compared to Other Door Materials (18 pages). More than 20 steel door experts – architects, specifiers, and manufacturers—contributed to the content of this technical report, which is full of test lab results and other performance information.

  4.   WEBSITE Frequently Asked Questions.
    SDI has received thousands of questions from design professionals over the years. The most common questions have been classified into eight categories and answered by industry experts.

  5.   VIDEO- Nine Videos from DCI and SDI.
    Videos are a popular way to learn, and DCI has been making education videos since 2010. "The Hollow Metal Doors Manufacturing Process" video has been viewed almost 50,000 times. Eight other titles on various aspects of hollow metal doors and frames.

DCI is proud to be a member of the Steel Door Institute, contributing to the continuing development of technical information on hollow metal and stainless steel doors and frames.

For further information about steel doors and frames, contact Chuck Kiley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at 909.367.0292 or

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