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June 4, 2015


Patented  Core Means Fast Delivery of High STC Rated Doors

DCI's proprietary, patented STC (Sound Transmission Class) door core is bringing new benefits to a long-standing customer requirement for sound-buffering doors.

Benefit 1 - High STC Ratings. DCI has developed a number of engineering and manufacturing innovations to increase the STC ratings of its custom hollow metal doors and frames. We have obtained a patent for our STC core, allowing us to offer a full range to STC 54 for single doors and to STC 48 for pairs of doors.

Benefit 2 - Fast Delivery of Custom STC Doors.  STC doors are fully integrated into the DCI "What You Need, When You Need It" manufacturing process. 

Our internal design specification for the new top-rated STC doors allow the doors to be made in two weeks or less. For the past 30 years DCI has been a "quick ship" hollow metal door and frame manufacturer, thanks to the streamlined manufacturing of all products under one roof and focus on disciplined processes and a skilled workforce


ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials is an international standards organization that develops and publishes standards. ASTM test methods for STC have changed recently. A door tested 15 years ago will unlikely attain the same STC rating were it re-tested today. DCI's STC doors have recently been re-tested, so we can say that  we combine the highest STC ratings with the fastest delivery of STC doors.

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