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September 10, 2015

It’s Official!

Our Custom Honeycomb Door Is So Sturdy It Passes Blast Test Without Modification

Military/DoD, Federal and Government projects typically have blast mitigation requirements and many have asked for hollow metal doors and frames.

DCI now offers a Blast Resistant Door/Frame System engineered and successfully tested to withstand explosions from pressure levels up to four pounds per square inch.

What’s more, the door that passed the test was a standard honeycomb core door, with no special reinforcements. Yes, the honeycomb door that you provide to your clients is already built to blast resistant quality. This is the same door that passed the 10 million cycle test.

Now for the specifics:

  • Testing was done, and certification obtained, for an 18GA, 3070 honeycomb core door with seamless edge, commercial Grade 1 Lockset and commercial grade hinges, 1 3/4” door thickness only.
  • These doors meet GSA TS-01 Level C (peak pressure / impulse = 4 psi / 28 psi-msec).
  • The door/frame was tested to ASTM F2927-12 standards.
  • They are flush doors that meet F2927 and also meet UFC 4-010-01 (DoD standard).
  • Certification does not apply to stock doors.

The great news is that DCI provides blast resistant certification at no charge; that’s just how sturdy we build our standard custom doors. If you need certification for other sizes of specifications contact your DCI sales advisor or Chuck Kiley, Vice President of Business Development

CLICK HERE for more information on specifications, or for a sales flyer.

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