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November 12, 2013

New Custom Software Gets Orders into Production
Faster and with More Accuracy

“I just wanted to thank you and the team for gettting my last 5 orders processed, manufactured, and shipped fast and ahead of schedule. It was a big help.”

Project Manager
DCI's new state-of-the-art order processing software has been in operation for six months now, and it's running smoothly and exceeding our expectations. More than 70% of orders are ready for Will Call or shipping in advance of the schedule date.

The software is just part of a whole series of improvements that DCI has made – new production equipment, customer service-process, production, and quality improvements are all part of the "New" DCI. We'll tell you about these changes over a series of five newsletters.

Your order into production faster

The new software, custom developed for DCI, ensures the swift transfer of an order from the customer to production. 70% of incoming orders can now be staged at the shear within minutes of order receipt, after going through an automated system to check the order for accuracy and completeness. This process happens literally with the push of a button. Meanwhile, our highly experienced engineers are still handling the highly custom orders, and also guiding production.

Higher quality built into the system

The new software helps deliver higher quality for your door and frame orders:

  • Improved accuracy of orders ─ The software automatically checks each order upon receipt
  • Reduced risk of order processing errors ─ Orders are handled only once, by a specialist talking directly to the customer, before going into production
  • Engineering expertise in the shop ─ Personnel efficiencies gained in the front end of the process were moved to production, which allows us to improve the engineering expertise in the shop

While we’ve improved our system, we have been careful to retain what is most important to DCI: Customers come first. At DCI, where every door and frame is custom, the customer continue to determine their specs, schedule requirements, and preferred hardware.

Place your order today and experience the “New” DCI, just like the old DCI, but better!

New custom software
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