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November 20, 2013


Speed, Quality, and Value - You Can Have It

Everyone has heard the old saying “Speed, Cost, Quality—pick two.”

Well, it’s not true when it comes to our Stock Plus™ hollow metal doors and frames.

The new DCI production system described in last week’s newsletter series give us the capability to serve you, our dealers, with the highest level of quality stock doors and frames with great value and speed.

This newsletter highlights our unique Stock Plus program, where every stock door and frame ordered by 9 a.m. is ready by 4 p.m. the same day.

Many manufacturers maintain a warehouse of pre-made stock products, offering you any door or frame as long as it’s in their inventory of finished goods. Not DCI. We offer a better way of manufacturing stock doors and frames

Our stock doors and frames are made custom to your orders. While they have a visible seamed edge, we offer support for all manufacturers’ hinge and lock locations; cutouts for louvers and lites; precision function holes; doors and frames up to eight feet tall; choice of honeycomb or polystyrene core; all stock doors have a fire rating up to three hours.

At DCI we offer more size and hardware options for our stock products than any other hollow metal door manufacturer. Additionally, you can order a DCI stock door to fit another manufacturer’s frames, or a DCI stock frame to fit another manufacturer’s doors.

Our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the hollow metal industry and is available to assist in the order process. 

Additional stock door information:
You Tube video by DCI on the stock program
Stock Products page on our website.
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