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November 15, 2013

Production Teams and their Team Leaders, armed with a STOP button, improve product quality and timeliness

This 4-part newsletter series describes changes made by DCI during 2013.

Each improvement – software, equipment, or personnel – was part of a master plan to provide superior quality and dependable schedules for years to come.

Results are already in, with more than 70% of all product completed ahead of schedule.  Product quality, supported by new technology new equipment, and renewed commitment to the customer, has never been better.

  • The order entry software described in newsletter #1 improves accuracy of order entry, and makes a database of information about each order available service and production personnel
  • The new door press and edge welder help the production team improve quality and schedule
  • The Customer Service Agent approach of newsletter #3 works because of access to more complete online information and a new “single point of contact” approach

This newsletter describes the newly organized production teams.

Door and frame production is now organized into six production teams, one for each major area of the shop.

The teams are built on the concept of DCI Production System (DCPS), which was developed to bring best practices in manufacturing to the company. DCPS consists of principles in two key areas: continuous improvement, and respect for people.

Each team member “owns” quality for his workstation. He will only accept 100% perfect parts from the prior work station, and is committed to only delivering perfect part to the next job step.

Daily roundtable production meeting are held in each team to review the work and identify ways to do the job even better the next day.

Any shop worker can call an alert, which is a part of the in line quality system. This DCPS process innovation incorporates red light STOP buttons at various workstations. Triggering the alert, by a push of the button, brings instant attention from alert team members including engineering and programming. This alert system gives the line worker the authority to stop production when a defect is found and immediately call for assistance.

We hope you have found these four newsletters to be interesting reading. Technology, equipment, and people are all critical to continuous improvement  at DCI, where our only goal is serving our customers. 

New custom software
New equipment
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Production Teams

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