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November 14, 2013

Customer Service Agents at Your Service

All you want is a simple answer to a question about your order, without spending a lot of time and aggravation. One question, one person, one answer.

With some door manufacturers an answer is hard to get without pinging around a telephone system, pressing #1 here and #3 there, hoping to end up with a “real person” who can help you.

At DCI we have a better way – the “cradle to grave” handling of your order with a single person, your Customer Service Agent.

This new concept is part of our 2013 business improvement initiatives, and is made possible by a combination of new software, new processes, and some very experienced DCI personnel.

You talk to your CSA when you first place your order; chances are it’s one of our experienced DCI personnel whom you have worked with before. But here’s what’s new with the CSA program:

  • The same CSA stays with you for your entire order, from taking the order until it’s out the door
  • Our new order entry software gives the CSA online information to orders in production, so they can answer many of your questions instantly or change a ship-to address without transferring your call to someone in the shop
  • If a callback is required to provide the information you need, the same CSA will get back to you, and as quickly as possible

Test out our new system by calling and speaking to your CSA today!

New custom software
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Customer Service Agents at Your Service
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