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Stainless Steel Doors and Frames –
Fastest Delivery in the Industry!

Skilled Craftsmen and Rapid Manufacturing Experience are Key

Heliarc welding is a highly controlled process,
also used in aerospace manufacturing.

The refinishing process is completed
by a skilled craftsman.

At DCI, our expertise in delivering “What You Need, When You Need It” extends to our stainless steel products. Tight schedules are not a problem for custom stainless steel doors and frames from DCI. We can provide you with a top quality, custom-manufactured product faster than anyone in the industry.

How do we do it?

Every stainless steel door and frame requires multiple custom manufacturing processes in order to achieve the perfect finishes that distinguish these products. 

Our 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility was designed specifically for quick ship custom hollow metal and stainless steel products.  Manufacturing operations are performed by our own employees, many of whom have worked for DCI for more than a decade. With 30 years experience as the Quick Ship specialist, we know exactly how to manufacture products to meet both the product specification and the schedule requirements of our dealers.

The manufacturing process for stainless steel door and frames is more involved and more rigorous than for hollow metal in order to achieve the desired finish. A stainless steel manufacturing center, separate from the hollow metal operation, is used for specialty processes such as heli-arc welding and refinishing. These high-skill operations provide the top quality finish expected in our stainless steel doors and frames, and they are performed by craftsmen who specialize in stainless steel.

Packing and shipping of stainless steel is also carefully executed, with extra packaging materials and careful loading to ensure the products arrive in perfect condition on the job site.

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