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Educational Videos for Architecture Students on Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

We understand the challenges of architects in bringing their vision to reality.  Over the years DCI has hosted many factory visits for architects and for students.  The response is always, “It is so helpful to see how the products that we design are actually manufactured”. 

So we decided to produce a series of short educational videos on hollow metal doors and frames.  We have completed the first three, and wanted to make you aware of them so that your teachers can share them with their students.

The videos are available on both YouTube, and on the DCI website:

  • How to Make a Hollow Metal Door (5 min. 31 sec.) High Def.  -- Explains how to make a hollow metal door from start to finish. Goes throughout the manufacturing facility showing each step of the process.

  • How to Make a Hollow Metal Frame (4 min. 43 sec.) High Def. -- Explains how to make hollow metal frames and shows the complete manufacturing process. 

  • Fire Rated Doors (2 min. 52 sec) High Def.  -- Explains the process of making a hollow metal fire rated door. It also shows actual footage of a fire rating test.

We would appreciate your forwarding this email to your educators and students.  We invite them to sign up for the DCI newsletter on the Home page of our website  for news of future videos and other information about hollow metal doors and frames.



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