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New, Improved Graphics and
Technical Content on Website

Interactive Illustration Displays All Frame Options

DCI has redesigned 21 pages of the website containing hollow metal frame information. The new frame pages now provide more detailed information on each frame, frame feature and general frame construction.  All of the new frame pages offer a formatted and printable version of the text and illustration for inclusion in submittals and other documents.

The goal of this six month project was to first upgrade the door pages and then move on to the frames pages of the website. Now the DCI website provides detailed information on doors and frames directed to dealers, architects, and specifiers that are easy to find, easy to use, and easy to share with others in printable format.

The new web pages feature all new illustrations of frames, anchors, elevations and profiles.  Each illustration includes an interactive capability that highlights the location of each feature.  By simply mousing over the illustrated frames, you will see features pop-up as you pass over them.
The new Frames section of the website also includes General Frame Construction information with text and illustrations regarding anchors, elevations, frame welds, and profiles.
Each new frame web page includes:

  • An illustration of each frame and general frame construction
  • List of all standard features
  • Material options
  • Feature options
  • Hardware Reinforcements
  • A one-click printable PDF of all features and options displayed on the page
  • A one-click printable PDF of a technical data sheet for each frame
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