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NOVEMBER 8, 2016
First in a Series

Top 3 Door and Frame Dealer Concerns;
DCI Actions to Help

In conversations with dealers at trade shows, listening to our customers in daily interaction and in a recent customer survey, it’s clear that the hollow metal door and frame business is getting more difficult for dealers.

  • “Everybody demands product faster”
  • “Just in time” delivery is a way of life these days
  • “It’s getting harder and harder to provide quality when things are rushed, and change orders come in at the last minute.”
Out of all the issues in the door and frame industry, there are three that seem to come up in every dealer conversation or feedback session.

In a series of four articles we list the top three dealer concerns, which DCI views as dealer requirements. We will describe our actions of the past two years to meet these requirements.
  • We need doors and frames faster!

    The overwhelming #1 requirement that dealers mention is speed to the client.

    Dealers are telling every hollow metal door and frame manufacturer that their clients are not willing to live with historic lead times. Whether a standard or a custom product, contractors and end users are demanding shorter and shorter lead times.

    Dealers say they sometimes feel caught in the middle, between clients who need to be satisfied, and manufacturers who have a lengthy production cycle.
  • The product needs to arrive on schedule.

    Missing the promised delivery date really gets the clients mad, because the delay can be so impactful to a project.

    Long lead time coupled with late arrival is the worst possible 1-2 punch for most dealers and their clients.
  • We want top quality doors and frames but pricing is cutthroat.

    If a dealer’s hollow metal doors or frames arrive on the promised date, what can possibly go wrong now?

    Defective product, that’s what can go wrong. In which case the dealer needs a rush order from the manufacturer, with accelerated delivery schedule and perfect quality on the re-order.

    Which is why dealers rate product quality #3 on their list of top concerns.

Action not Promises

The key to taking the top three concerns about hollow metal door and frame manufacturers as close to zero as possible is not just to “try harder”.

Speed, schedule and quality are the result of deliberate action. DCI has spent the past several years investing heavily in equipment, software, processes, and personnel, in order to be the best hollow metal manufacturer that you work with.

In the next three newsletters we will tell you the actions that we have taken to deliver custom hollow metal (and stainless steel) doors and frames:

  • Short lead times
  • On schedule
  • Top quality

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