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NOVEMBER 29,2016

Fourth in a Series of Four
Top Dealer Concerns and DCI Solutions

Quality through Training, Software, and Equipment

This is the last in a series of four newsletters where DCI addresses the concerns of hollow metal door and frame dealers.

  • The first newsletter discussed the feedback from several large dealer surveys.
  • Newsletter 2 addressed the need that all dealers stated for increasingly shorter lead times. We shared tangible actions and investments we have made to provide the shortest lead times in the industry for custom hollow metal doors and frames.
  • Newsletter 3 is about on-time delivery. We openly shared DCI’ metrics for on-time performance, and detailed the actions that we have taken to meet our schedule commitment to our dealers.
  • This final newsletter is on the third of the Big Three dealer concerns – quality. Dealer voices were very clear that meeting a schedule is worthless if defective product is delivered.

DCI has always been known as a manufacturer of quality products. In recent years we have embraced the concept of “lean manufacturing” to help us continuously improve quality, which means not just product quality, but schedule, delivery, and every point of customer interaction.

Below are a few of the many areas where we have focused on quality improvement.

Lean manufacturing embeds quality at each step

Lean manufacturing is a discipline for shop floor operations which embeds quality at every step. We started the implementation several years ago, and it has enabled us to improve quality down the manufacturing line.

Test after every operation

The lean manufacturing production process instills quality at each workstation. We test every operation at each station at the shop, so any defects are caught early rather than at the completion of the manufacturing process. This keeps orders on schedule, and means that there are many inspections instead of just one after the product is completed.

Our teams and team leads

Everybody at DCI is a quality control inspector. Each operator maintains the quality going through the system, so at the end of the line we have made the quality product that the customer is entitled to.

The team leads are indoctrinated with the philosophy that if it’s not done right then it’s not done. They preach it and they live it every day.

Inspecting incoming steel sheets

Our custom door and frame process starts with steel sheets that arrive cut and leveled from the manufacturer. Because the material is flat, each piece can be inspected upon receipt for imperfections, unlike steel coils which arrive in rolls.

Equipment investment for advanced machinery

Equipment is very important to deliver superior quality on the production line. DCI has invested in technologically-advanced machinery that delivers high-speed, consistent results, for example our high-precision automated welding machine.

Change orders happen; we’ll help you out

Dealers shared their need to enter change orders, as part of the faster environment in which they operate. DCI is well equipped to handle change orders, because our new ordering system can handle changes almost immediately and feed the changes automatically to manufacturing. There may be a charge to making changes if material was cut, engineered and staged, or finished, but we can say “yes” to change orders.

If something goes wrong, we make it right for client

When an order comes off the line, it should be 100% to spec. However, if a product gets scuffed after production, for example when we are taking it off the line or preparing it for shipping, then we will call the dealer and offer to make a new one and send it as soon as possible.

We never take quality for granted

Providing the best quality product and service is our continuing goal. Please let us know how we are doing, and your suggestions for improvement. Listening to our dealers is the best way for us to earn your business.

DCI - Delivering on the Promise

A series  of 4 newsletters addressing dealer concerns

#1 - Top 3 Door and Frame Dealer Concerns; DCI's Actions to Help
#2 - Shipping Doors and Frames Faster; A Look Inside the DCI Factory
#3 - On-Time Delivery at an All-Time High; Who Says You Can’t Improve After 35 Years?

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