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NOVEMBER 22, 2016

Third in a Series of Four
Top Dealer Concerns and DCI Solutions

On-Time Delivery at an All-Time High;
Who Says You Can’t Improve After 35 Years?

Delivery is all about execution. Did your order arrive on time or didn’t it?

In the 2016 dealer survey we heard very clearly from our dealers that on-time delivery is one of their top 3 requirements.

DCI measures on-time delivery very carefully. We track each order individually, and also compile a daily metric for all orders. And, after 35 years of focus on speed, we are still very focused on getting to 100% on-time delivery.

On-time delivery is tracked for every employee to see

Our custom company management system monitors each customer order from order entry through shipping. Daily on-time delivery measurements are prominently displayed throughout the plant. If you were to ask any DCI employee how we did with on-time delivery yesterday, they could tell you.

97% to 100% daily on-time delivery

With very few exceptions, our on-time deliveries are 97% to 100% every day. Our 10-day period number is usually 98% or higher.

That fact that we have on time delivery and early shipments is because our system runs like a well-oiled machine.

Software system keeps up steady work flow

An important element to maintaining on-time delivery is that we complete more than half of our orders early. If the product is completed early, even if it’s just one day early, then it’s definitely not going to ship late.

Keeping the line moving at a steady rate is an important element in maintaining delivery dates. Every day, once we complete the today’s work schedule, our proprietary software system allows us to reach forward to the next day’s orders and start making them.

Three ways to get your product on time

One challenge in getting to 100% on-time delivery is the shipping. There are three ways that we transfer product to our clients:

1. Will Call.  About 33% of all DCI products are picked up at Will Call.  Because our on-time manufacturing averages around 98%, Will Call provides an excellent assurance of on-time receipt.

DCI trucks help keep the schedule

2. DCI trucks and our employee drivers deliver about 33% of the doors and frames that we manufacture. This is another way that we maintain control of your products all the way to the job site, and ensure that they are properly handled so that they arrive in the same condition as when they left the plant.

3. We are constantly working with the trucking companies that deliver the final 33% of our orders to emphasize the high handling, shipping and delivery standards that we want to meet for all of our customers.

Our goal for on-time delivery

We will never stop working on your behalf to deliver your orders on time, every time.

DCI - Delivering on the Promise

A series of 4 newsletters addressing dealer concerns

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