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NOVEMBER 15, 2016
Second in a Series of Four
Top Dealer Concerns and DCI Solutions

Shipping Doors and Frames Faster;
A Look Inside the DCI Factory

The construction industry is demanding faster completion of projects. So it’s not surprising that the #1 requirement that we hear from dealers is "Give us shorter lead times".

DCI has always had some of the shortest lead times for custom hollow metal doors of any manufacturer in the U.S. But today you need it even faster.

DCI understands that, and over the past two years we have built short lead into our entire operation from initial order entry through manufacturing.

You deserve to know how we are accomplishing shorter lead times, so we are sharing three of the innovations with you, our dealers.

  1. Exclusive order entry and engineering system

    DCI has developed exclusive state-of-the-art engineering design software. This new system, installed and optimized during the past two years, uses software to convert customer specifications into manufacturing instructions.

    While maintaining personal interaction at order entry, this software has eliminated many manual engineering operations. The result is that several days have been eliminated from the end-to-end manufacturing process.

    Additionally, human error has been eliminated and specifications are now made to the thousandths of inches.

    To offer this capability as a custom manufacturing plant is, in two words, “earth shattering”.
  2. Advanced manufacturing machinery

    DCI has invested in technologically advanced machinery that automates and systematizes more of the manufacturing process. One example is our new computerized welding machine, that welds our doors on both the right and the left sides simultaneously. It speeds up the process and removes human error in welding.
  3. Teams do it right the first time

    Nothing delays a shipment more than rework.

    Our new manufacturing process is based on a "team" concept that requires quality checks at every work station. With a motto "If it’s not done right then it’s not done", this combination of process and people is the heart of our shop floor.

    With quality built into every step, your doors and frames are ready to ship when they come off the line.
Continuous Improvement

DCI was founded in 1981 with the promise of short lead times for customer products. This is a never-ending mission, and we want you to know that we are continuously investing in ways to reduce lead times.

DCI - Delivering on the Promise

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