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July 1, 2016

On-demand delivery; It’s just what it sounds like.

Ordering all your hollow metal doors and frames at one time can make sense for a lot of reasons – get the ordering complete and move on to the next task, take advantage of a volume discount, assure supply.

But ORDERING all your doors and frames at once doesn’t mean that you want them all DELIVERED at one time.

On-demand delivery of doors and frames saves money, helps keep the job site clean

Often, a phased delivery on your schedule works better for the dealer and the contractor:

  • You only pay for the products as they are delivered, reducing the carrying costs of inventory;
  • The job site is not cluttered with product that is not needed for weeks or months;
  • Metal doors and frames are not sitting around the job site or warehouse at risk for theft, damage or corrosion.

DCI will deliver to your schedule; we always have. For example, if you want a total of 2,000 frames, we can deliver 200 a week for 10 weeks. Or 500 a week for 4 weeks. Or 200 one week, then 300 the next… Well, you get the point.

It’s all a part of our motto: What You Need, When You Need It.

On-demand Delivery. Just another advantage of doing business with DCI.

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