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image image image image- Mouse over the colored dots to view the details of the Custom Honeycomb Core Door

Honeycomb Core Doors - Custom product product product product product product product product



Custom Honeycomb Core Doors


Color print
B/W print
  • 1 3/ 4” standard; also available in 1 3/ 8"
  • image Any manufacturer’s hinge locations. Blast resistant door requires Commercial Grade 1 lockset and commercial grade hinges (by others)
  • 18-gauge galvannealed steel standard
  • image Continuously welded vertical edges (seamless) standard
  • Rust inhibitive prime coat ANSI/SDI 250.10
  • image Standard 3070 door meets blast resistant GSA level C (4 psi); no additional charge. CLICK HERE for more information.
  • This door has passed the 10 million cycle test


  • 16-gauge, 14-gauge and 12-gauge steel
  • G90 galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel available in 304 or 316 alloys
  • Honeycomb core



  • 3/ 16” for hinges
  • 12-gauge for locks standard
  • 14-gauge for closers standard
  • Heavier gauge reinforcements available
  • image Commercial Grade 1 lockset and commercial grade hinges (by others) required for blast rating 

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