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Dutch Doors

Dutch Doors


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  • 1 3/4” standard; other thicknesses available
  • Any manufacturer’s hinge locations
  • 18-gauge A60 galvannealed steel standard.
  • Continuously welded vertical edges (seamless) standard
  • Rust inhibitive prime coat ANSI/SDI 250.10
  • Honeycomb core standard


  • 16-gauge, 14-gauge and 12-gauge steel
  • G90 galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel, available in 304 or 316 alloys
  • Polystyrene core


  • Single and double-sided shelf
  • Up to 3 hour fire label
  • Integral Lite Option
  •  Flush top cap
  •  Any manufacturer’s Deadlock prep, Panic Prep, and Mortise sectional trim
  • Flat bar astragal


  • 3/16” for hinges
  • 12-gauge for locks standard
  • 14-gauge for closers standard
  • Heavier gauge reinforcements available

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