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Blast Resistant Custom Honeycomb Door



Blast Resistant Custom Honeycomb Core Doors


Color print Flyer

B/W print Flyer
  • NEW! 3'0"x7'0" custom (not stock) honeycomb core door now approved for 4 psi blast resistant rating
  • This feature provided at no charge as standard feature of custom honeycomb door
  • Continuously welded vertical edges (seamless) standard
  • Tested for 3'0"x7'0" custom honeycomb core door; other sizes may be available depending on engineering evaluation or additional tests. (ask sales consultant)
  • 1 3/ 4” door thickness only
  • Requires 18-gauge A60 galvannealed steel
  • Rust inhibitive prime coat ANSI/SDI 250.10
  • This door has passed the 10 million cycle test


  • Honeycomb core


  • Up to 3 hour fire label
  •  Flush top cap
  • Commercial Grade 1 lockset required (by others)
  • Lites and louvers are not supported


  • 3/16” hinge reinforcements
  • Commercial grade hinges required (by others)


  • GSA TS-01 Level C (peak pressure / impulse = 4 psi / 28 psi-msec)
  • Door/frame was tested to ASTM F2927-12 standards


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